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Hello, my name is Rodger Farley and I'm an aerospace engineer with decades of experience in space and atmospheric flight design. Over the years I have developed software tools for myself with respect to aerospace design, radio control model aircraft, celestial navigation, and other goodies. I would love to share my non-work related efforts with anyone with a technical bent and who has a thirst for knowledge.

You may use any of my material for free, but you may not sell any of it. If you use any of my material, you use it ENTIRELY at your own risk. Statements like this are necessary in todays litigious society, but I say this to make you think twice before doing anything stupid. Prudent engineering requires that results and conclusions be verified using several methods. So go be prudent...and have fun with these tools.  USER BEWARE!  I do not guarantee or warrant the accuracy or use or results of any of my materials provided here. You, the user, are TOTALLY responsible for validating the results from from these free materials, and you the user are TOTALLY responsible for any result that may occur from either the proper use, or the improper use of these materials.  So there.


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